1. Totino's party pizza
  2. Chicken top ramen
  3. Strawberry mentos
    Which I can only ever find in airports and therefore only eat on airplanes
  4. Cheezels
    Like a way better puffy Cheeto, from Australia
  5. Brown sugar pop tarts
    Toasted, with BUTTER on them
  6. Chicken cup of noodles
    Very different than the bag ramen.
  7. Cheddar and sour cream oven baked ruffles
    Seriously better than the non-baked kind
  8. California rolls
    Like, only getting California rolls at a dumb sushi restaurant and not ordering some sashimi to look more legit.
  9. Any Asian chocolate biscuit
    Pocky, Every Burger, Hello Panda, Kinoko
  10. Cinnamon toast crunch
    Dry, from the box, on my couch
  11. Diet Dr. Pepper
    It's diet but it isn't good for you
  12. Jamon chips
    Ham flavored potato chips are very popular in Spain. It's like a smoky chip with 2x salt.
  13. Cool Ranch Doritos
  14. Cheetos
    Crunchy, obv
  15. Mini chicken tacos
    The kind from trader joes that have weird guacamole paste in them. I could eat a thousand of them.
  16. Chicken Twisties
    Probably the most garbage of them all. It's like if you took a crunch Cheeto, removed the cheese, and added top ramen chicken powder. Also Australian.