By a lady with medium-toned, combination/regular skin
  1. Cle de Peau silky creme
    Super creamy texture with medium/high coverage but goes on really thin and melts into your skin (I hate it when I can feel stuff sitting on top of my face). Also the only foundation I've found that makes your skin look brighter when you wash it off. Also stupidly expensive :(
  2. NARS sheer glow
    Closest in texture/coverage to the Cle de Peau. A tiny bit drier, way more color options.
  3. Benefit Oxygen Wow
    Like a tinted moisturizer with better coverage.
  4. Dior Skinflash
    Comes in an aerosol can. Spray onto a brush or beauty blender and swirl or dab onto your face. Thin formula, great coverage, and takes like 15 seconds to do your whole face. Go-to summer foundation (can be a tiny bit too dry in the winter unless you heavily moisturize which I do not).
  5. Beauty Blender
    Not a foundation, but my favorite applicator aside from just using my fingers. Wonderful for applying heavier/coverage foundations without getting unevenness or streaks. Wonderful for contouring as well.
  6. Foundations I have tried and did not like
    Every Hourglass foundation (sooo dry). Eve Lom (though it got better once it dried up a bit). Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in anything but Nude. Chanel and Dior's tinted moisturizers (barely any color selection, bad coverage). Makeup For Ever. Armani Luminous Silk (felt like it was sitting on my skin in a bad way).