There are a lot of fancy places here (Hakkasan, Kusakabe, Yank Sing) but I think Asian food tastes better in a grittier environment. Here are my favorite picks for delicious food:
  1. Shanghai Dumpling King
    Get the soup dumplings, spicy wontons, garlic pea shoots, and egg puffs at the end.
  2. San Tung
    Dry fried chicken wings omg. Can't remember what else is there because the chicken wings consume my thoughts.
  3. Lers Ros
    Thai food in SF is nothing like it is back in Seattle, but if you gotta get Thai, get it here.
  4. Hong Kong Lounge II
    The best dim sum I've found in SF. Everything is fresh and awesome. Beef noodle rolls and coffee short ribs are especially good. Make sure to go to HKL *II*, not the normal one. They have different owners.
  5. Mums House of Shabu
    Awesome weird Shabu Shabu restaurant in Japantown.
  6. YakiniQ
    Fantastic Korean BBQ in Japantown. Loud and smokey but so delicious.
  7. Sushi Time
    There is fancier sushi in SF but none of them make me as happy as this place. Their food is solid, and the spot is a tiny shop in a weird basement off Market Street.
  8. Dong Baek
    Small, unpretentious Korean restaurant in my hood. Good food and never crowded.
  9. Katana-Ya
    Really awesome ramen, can't go wrong here. Prepare for a wait unless you go at an odd hour. Also open late!
  10. Hapa Ramen
    My friend Richie's super hip ramen joint in the Mission. Craft cocktails, old school hip hop, fancy ramen. Always add a slow cooked egg.
  11. Little Delhi
    Most solid Indian food in SF. Plus they deliver almost everywhere!
  12. Eiji
    Quiet but nice little neighborhood sushi shop in the Castro. Modest restaurant, quality food. Homemade tofu.
  13. Delicious Dim Sum
    If you're into shrimp dumplings (har gow) this place makes the best ones in SF. This is a fact. Weird walk-in shop, pink boxes, everything is like a dollar, and there's one table in the back.
  14. Burma Superstar
    Get the tea leaf salad. Get the tea lead salad. Get the tea leaf salad. Get the tea leaf salad. Get the tea leaf salad.
  15. Golden Era
    This is a vegan restaurant, but that doesn't keep it from being some of the best Vietnamese food in SF. It's clean, unpretentious, and relatively inexpensive. Favorite dishes: pho, garden vermicelli, lemongrass deluxe, jalapeño tofu, papaya salad, rainbow salad.
  16. Ryoko's
    Awesome scrappy sushi restaurant that's kind of an industry hot spot 'cause it's so solid. They're open late and have cool private rooms in the back for you and 10 of your drunkest friends.