1. I gave a talk mostly on sexism + unconscious bias to a room of 300 men and it was well-received.
    One guy told me that it was so inspiring he cried.
  2. I met two horrible British guys who work for a toilet paper manufacturer
    They were awful but it was perfect.
  3. I hugged like 30 strangers because they were wonderful
    And I can't remember even one of their names.
  4. People were oddly excited that I used pink slides for my presentation.
    A delightful gay man said I reminded him of "Elle Woods, from the film 'Legally Blonde'". You know he meant business because he called it a "film".
  5. I had one last acid reflux pill when I needed it the most
    Because I have the plagues of an old man
  6. I made a new serious gal pal
    We both realized we thought the other was too cool for us to be friends with and then we hugged. Also she is WAY cooler than me.