I don't like acting entitled but I really don't like being seated between a window and an aisle.
  1. I never get up to use the bathroom
    Seriously. I've used an airplane bathroom maybe twice in the last 15 years. I do not break.
  2. If I do have to get up to use the bathroom, I am so careful.
    Depending on the aircraft, I can usually squeeze past without making you get out of your seats. Plus I take extra care not to step on your jacket.
  3. I lean towards the window, freeing up my arm rest for the middle seat.
    I know how much it sucks to sit in the middle! I do my best to make it suck less for the middle seat person, who I believe deserves both arm rests.
  4. I sleep on airplanes.
    It's LESS convenient for other people to be stuck in the window seat, trying to get past the sleeping lump in the middle.
  5. I truly appreciate the majesty of air travel
    Am I gonna look out the window during takeoff and landing like a wide-eyes kid in a candy store? You bet! But I also lean back and let everyone else take in the beauty.