Random things I google

mostly late at night when my mind is still going 100mph
  1. Stretches, pictures of spine alignments
  2. Toe alignment/spacer photos
    For some reason give me a sense of satisfaction
  3. Dental videos
    Especially abfraction filling (class 5)
  4. More spine alignment stuff (I am apparently obsessed)
  5. People: Leonardo da Vinci and his works, Kim Il-Sung and how he got to power,
  6. Discovering I may have Peroneal Tendonitis due to foot rolling out (eversion/pronation)
  7. Which lead to foot biomechanics to understand the difference between eversion and pronation
    Supination and pronation are a combination of the above motions. It is common to use supination and inversion interchangeably and pronation and eversion interchangeably. But, supination is actually a combination of inversion, plantarflexion and adduction. Pronation is a combination of eversion, dorsiflexion and abduction