1. The woman who wanded me down at security was Melissa McCarthy's voice twin #blessed
  2. Good thing airplanes are loud, because the people all the way back in aisle 30 would hear my stomach growl at this point
  3. I didn't eat dinner--where are the free pretzels?
  4. Also, does this mean I need to learn how to adult better if I didn't feed myself dinner?
  5. I feel like my iPod may be the only one that goes from Johnny Cash, to Kanye, to the Go-Go's, to ACDC...
  6. ...Do people even say the word "iPod" anymore? The app is just called "Music," I think
  7. Sometimes I wonder if the people seated next to me judge my music selections, like when they can see Adele's flawless face as the album cover blatantly on my lock screen
  8. But in that case--excuse me sir--Adele is a queen and you can watch your potentially existent attitude
  9. I now feel bad for judging the people next to me. I'm sure you weren't judging my music choices and I apologize for internally arguing with myself about your taste in music. You're probably a very nice person, who most likely also enjoys Adele.