a one sided phone call I eavesdropped on
  1. "You can play guitar."
    That's nice
  2. "No I know you don't play but just tell them you can."
    Oh okay she wants them to lie about playing guitar for an audition
  3. "Your dad plays guitar. So you can learn it in like a month."
    I went to the zoo yesterday. Now I'm a koala bear!
  4. "I mean, you have long hair."
    I almost laughed and blew my cover
  5. "My washer and dryer just broke so I'm out of money. ....BECAUSE THEYRE EXPENSIVE"
    This kid seems a little spoiled
  6. "I have to save money for Disney...like $2500. I'll sell some costumes and barbies. That should be enough."
    What the fuck is going on here
  7. "Yep I'm going to sell some of your old dresses"
    This is a GIRL??? Now I'm even more confused about the long hair comment
  8. "NO you don't need to be going on TINDER. Its all PERVERTS. You don't need to be ASSOCIATED with that. Okay I'll talk to you later."
    And just as strangely as it began, it was over