I'll be in Vegas this weekend at the Billboard Music Awards. Here's a list of performers scheduled
  1. Shawn mendes
    Ok I know that stitches song. Catchy
  2. Demi Lovato
    No opinion
  3. The Go-Gos
    Want to act like I care but in reality I don't. Wasn't that one chick on The Surreal Life?
  4. Britney Spears
    Okay, now we're talking
  5. Justin Bieber
    Time for a potty break
  6. Rihanna
    Unless she's doing Rude Boy I'm not into it
  7. Celine Dion
  8. Ariana Grande
    Will she perform looking at us from only one side of her face?
  9. Nick Jonas/Tove Lo
    I want to hate Nick Jonas but I actually liked him in Scream Queens. She seems like a hot mess which I like
  10. Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton
    Leave it to Blake to ruin a good thing
  11. Troye Sivan
    Literally who is this
  12. Madonna
    Doing a tribute to Prince. I. AM. DYING.
  13. P!nk
    How much should we wager that she will do an aerial ribbon performance
  14. Meghan Trainor
    Kill me
  15. How long is this show????