Based on typical tropes, I've compiled a list of guys I eventually want to date/hookup with at least once in my life. (I recognize that boys don't actually all fall under these categories. Don't be offended by this. It is a joke).
  1. the teacher type with dark hair and large classes. really into books. we'd make out in the back row of a library.
    he'd prob get boring after a while, but we'd stay friends.
  2. the angry, tattooed bad boy who does some hands on job like construction. he's a womanizer, but he'd meet me and want to change.
    as if
  3. the artsy, photography nerd. probably focused on his art. he'd own a little apartment somewhere downtown, and he'd sleep on a mattress on the floor. probably has a beard and good taste in movies.
    he's probably vegan, and that just wouldn't end well for us.
  4. the athletic one. he's big into watching sports and owns 10+ jerseys of various teams, players and sports. he'd also be super fit.
    he'd probably make some comment about girls not knowing sports.
  5. the business one. he's either a lawyer or is working in an office. wears suits and fancy ties. would probably smell vaguely of scotch and cologne. also has a real job!
    he'd work too much.
  6. the musical one. probably plays acoustic guitar at a bar with his band every friday night. probably has dimples and appreciates classic rock.
    too focused on his music.
  7. the foreign guy. british with an accent. has soft hair and loves sweaters. he'd probably only be in town for a bit, but we'd still make the most of it.
    he'd have to go back to the UK and we wouldn't be able to make it work.
  8. the older guy. not that much older - but a bit. he's more or less got his life together. he has a stable job and drinks scotch and has a little bit of stubble. he's genuine and passionate. he probably texts you in full sentences, and is a really good kisser.
    the age thing wouldn't work out.
  9. the good friend. he's a good friend and someone you've known for a little - but one day, it becomes so much more. the relationship means something because of the friendship, and kissing him would feel comfortable and right.
    but the thought of ruining the friendship would probably mess that up.
  10. the co-worker. work together, and make jokes over how annoying your job is. at an office party, we'd both get a little too drunk and hookup in a supply closet or something. we'd end up dating, but try and keep it to ourselves.
    this one is mostly just based off of jim and pam. kinda.
  11. the brave one. he'd have a job like police officer or superhero and he'd fight bad guys and save the day, but he'd come home bruised and tired. I'd bandage the cuts and bruises and he'd be so protective and warm.
    *superhero is an unlikely job, but I still hope I can find my very own tony stark or captain america.
  12. the writer. I'd be his muse, and he'd be really passionate and romantic. he'd be super deep and insightful; probably really smart, too. we'd snuggle while reading our books.
    He'd be a little self absorbed, and I'm over that.
  13. the authority type. he's either my boss or professor or something. he's single, and smart, and thinks I'm wonderful and brilliant and easily falls for me. obviously he's super hot and successful.
    *this could go under 'the older guy' or any other but I'm making it its own. I have a super weird thing for guys with authority.. it's an issue. either way, it wouldn't work out.
  14. the romantic one. he'd plan picnics and take me to fancy, expensive restaurants (and insist on paying). he'd probably pay homage to "say anything" and hold a boom box up above his head outside my window. he'd bring flowers and compliment me and have great manners.
    he's too good for me, let's be real.
  15. the party boy. loves beer and is super into having a good time. we'd probably rave together, and he'd totally let me go on his shoulders.
    there's only so much raving you can take. (plus, I'm 100% sure he sends dick pics without being asked for them)
  16. the adventurous one. loves travelling. very spontaneous. has no care in the world about what is coming next. lives in the moment and is genuinely happy with life. positive and loving.
    too spontaneous.
  17. the man bun. most defining feature is the man bun. he's probably a pacifist. really down to earth.
    too earthy. probably one of those people who's like "let's not kill the bug, let's put it outside."
  18. the protective one. strong and probably manly. very headstrong and focused on his goal. would go to great lengths to appreciate me (as he should)
    I don't need protection unless it's from bugs.
  19. the manliest man. can fix anything with his tool box and hands. probably working on fixing up a car. wears white v neck shirts that hug his body a bit too tightly (but it doesn't matter cause he has abs). will carry your bags for you.
    probably never cries, and would be scared to hold my purse.
  20. the comedian. super outgoing and friendly. easily one of the easiest people to talk to. makes jokes and has so many friends. everyone knows him. he's witty and cheers me up during bad days. loves smiling.
    doesn't take much seriously.
  21. the one. we'll get married and be happy forever and ever. the end.