A list for when I am successful in acting and are attempting to write a novel.
  1. 10 Things I Hate About Taking Driving Lessons and Other Stuff
  2. Between a Rock and Another Rock... I'm Stuck
  3. How Did I Write This?
  4. This is a Book
  5. How I Won the Marathon (hint: I Didn't Show Up to the Race and Instead, Stayed Home and Ordered Pizza. I Am the Obvious Winner Here.)
  6. I Still Haven't Eaten at Olive Garden
  7. Crying into my Pizza
  8. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. Read This
  10. How To Succeed When You are Overly Emotional, Constantly Confused, and In Need of a Hug
  11. I Don't Know What You're Talking About but Everyone Else Does so I'll Just Act Like I Do
  12. How To Be Okay At Some Things
  13. Ramen Noodles (And Other Important Things In Life)