Inspired by @xtineengels and @lexie_elyse
  1. I love music but I'm not a good singer and I can't play any instruments.
    I cannot clap on beat or read music.
  2. Keeping a straight face/poker face
    Seriously if a student farts while I'm teaching I will literally be biting my tongue so I don't laugh.
  3. Writing neatly
    I have awful handwriting. Sorry future students.
  4. Lying
  5. Consistently working out
  6. Portion control
    More is better right?!
  7. Leaving my comfort zone
  8. Not being in control
    (That's why I was 20 before I actually got drunk.)
  9. Being girly
    I barely wear make up, I hate dresses and skirts, and I'm not afraid of spiders and worms. I don't fit the stereotype.
  10. Being (normal and civil) around people I hate.
    I can't even look these people in the eye let alone make small talk.
  11. Math
  12. Being coordinated
    I trip easily and fall up and down the stairs regularly.
  13. Putting away my laundry in a timely manner
  14. Leaving the house when I don't have to
    Why would I?
  15. Letting my nails dry before trying to do other stuff
    I just get sooooo bored waiting for my nails to dry