1. Making people laugh
  2. Attracting dogs and kids
    (They're drawn to me)
  3. Random useless knowledge
  4. Knowing/intuition about people
  5. Getting distracted
  6. Knowing celebrity names and what movies they've been in
    (Is that the guy from that one movie?)
  7. Rarely having to use the bathroom
    I can hold it for an unhealthy amount of time.
  8. Crying during movies, TV shows, and while reading books.
  9. Knowing the song title and artist of a lot of songs
  10. Troubleshooting/Helping my family/Tech Support
  11. Remembering a creepy amount of stuff about people
    Should I not bring up that time you puked in first grade?
  12. My super sense of smell
  13. Spelling
  14. Explaining things so people understand
  15. Worrying about and over analyzing everything