Inspired by @agestclair
  1. I had some great neighborhood friends growing up. The only other girl my age on my street lived right next door. The rest of the kids were boys. I was rather bossy as a child ( still am) so I would be the default leader of the games. I came up with some crazy stuff and my friends just went along with it. 😎
  2. Mountain Climber
    After seeing a movie about mountain climbing (Vertical Limit) I thought mountain climber would be a fun game to play. We "borrowed" some screw drivers from my neighbors garage and scaled our pretend mountain using the screw drivers as ice picks. We forgot to put the screw drivers back in the garage (they sat out in the yard for a day or two) and got in big trouble when their dad found out.
  3. Teacher
    I was typically the teacher or if I didn't get my way I became the misbehaving student. Either way this game was typically more fun for me than for anybody else.
  4. Hair Stylist
    This involved the neighbor girl and I doing my brothers hair and nails. We used sparkly Barbie hair gel and bom bom nail polish. After we were done "styling" my brother we moved on to one of the other neighborhood boys. Midway through our "make over" his dad came down and saw what we had done to his son. He was not pleased with his son's sparkly hair and painted nails. I don't remember what his dad said but there was some yelling involved.
  5. Inventor
    This involved going through my dad's spare parts boxes in the garage and trying to build "inventions". This really turned into us making a mess and getting full grease and dirt.
  6. Popstars
    Inspired by the pop bands like Steps and S Club 7 the four of us created a pop band. This included the neighbor girl, her brother, my brother, and myself. I wish I had videos because we had choreography and our own songs.
  7. Being Drunk
    I'm not sure at what age I discovered what "drunk" was or what I thought it was but I turned that into a game too. We'd spin around on the park swings and then see how far we could walk. It surprising how accurately that represents actually being drunk.
  8. Getting Braces
    I'm not sure why but the neighbor girl and I wanted braces so bad. We would take gum wrappers put them on our teeth and pretend we had braces.
  9. Film Developer
    Another time I got in trouble due to my "creativity". We had an inflatable pool in our backyard so I decided we could "develop film".In other words take perfectly good printer paper and put it in the pool until it was soaking wet then lay it on the concrete to dry. My parents were not pleased that I "wasted" so much of the "expensive" paper.