1. Advice please! @DanaDigsYou
  2. Soooo, I'm on an online dating app. I live with my parents as I'm drowning in student loan debt and need to get a full time teaching job to be able to move out. For the past 3 years I've been on an online dating app looking for Mr.Right.
  3. I can't tell my parents or the rest of my family about it because 1) I don't want them in my business 2) I don't want them to worry about my well being in dates and such 3) I'm not sure how they'd react.
  4. There are several complications that come about because of this. 1) I don't want to use any new apps that connect to Facebook 2) I've hidden my brother secretly on my current dating app so he can't find me, How do I accomplish this on other apps? If he finds me on an app 1) it's awkward 2) he'll blow my secret
  5. To hide my secret I lie about where I'm going (see When you still live with your parents). I tell my parents I'm going out with friends, shopping, etc.
  6. No one else knows this.
  7. Static
  8. Thanks for being so supportive and amazing!