1. @Boogie Do I give off a tall person vibe?
  2. I'm 5' 1.5" and yes that half an inch is important. Meh, I have no feelings on listers discovering how short I am. I still love you all! ❤
  3. I will now fill this list with short people clichés, problems, and sayings.
  4. Big things come in small packages.
  5. I'm not short I'm fun sized.
  6. Static
  7. Pro's:
  8. Scientific evidence suggests short people live longer.
  9. Leg room is not an issue
  10. You fit in small places.
    I can still play in Fisher Price castles and houses.
  11. You always look younger than you are.
  12. Cons:
  13. Clothes don't fit right.
    Pants are too long. Capri's fit like pants.
  14. You have to sit super close to the steering wheel.
  15. You can't reach things.
    You have to stand on your tip-toes, climb shelves, or ask a friendly tall person for help.
  16. Tall people stand or sit in front of you at events so you can't see.
  17. High tops don't look quite right on you.
  18. Hugs are always awkward.
  19. Giphy