With OCD and Anxiety I have A LOT
  1. Turkeys
    They're big and mean. If you've ever been in a Poultry Barn at your local fair you've noticed the bars on their cages are far enough apart that they can fit their head through and peck you to death.
  2. Germs, Germs, Germs
    I'm a germaphobe (I've sort of gotten it under control).
  3. Terrible diseases
    This one seems somewhat rational but much like WebMD (which I'm not allowed to use anymore) I jump to the scariest disease whenever I have a small issue (cough, sore throat, itchy head, etc.).
  4. Oxygen tanks (and the people attached)
    This stems from my childhood. From the day I was born my two great grandparents had oxygen tanks and somehow this lead to a lifelong fear.
  5. Heights
    This one makes some sense, I guess.
  6. Hair
    For some reason hair that is not on someone's head, that has fallen out makes me gag. I can't deal with it. Hence all the lint rollers in my house.
  7. These are just a few that come to mind. I'm sure I actually have many, many more. Comment with some of your irrational fears.
  8. Oh and sneezing while driving.