1. I started at the end of January after one day of shadowing and one day of professional development.
  2. Right away I found several of the students especially challenging. (1/5 or so)
  3. I worked with the 3rd grade team to set up buddy classrooms where students could "take a break".
  4. I also came up with reward systems to incentivize good behavior for those who struggled.
  5. I wouldn't necessarily say the kids have gotten any better or easier to deal with.
  6. Nonetheless, I'm proud of the progress a lot of them have made.
  7. I'm exhausted.
  8. I'm so thankful for the third grade team. I bought them a gift card to Chipotle they can use on their next professional development day for lunch.
  9. I have no idea what I'm doing next.
  10. I'm taking spring break to relax and recuperate. Then I'll decide what is next for me.
  11. Giphy
  12. P.S. Do I add the third grade team on Facebook?