1. He planned date night (Friday) and wouldn't tell me any of the details all week because he wanted it to be a surprise.
  2. He told me to show up at his place at 5:30.
  3. So I did.
  4. He's kind of a scrooge but he had decorated his apartment with Christmas lights.
  5. He made me dinner and bought me wine even though he doesn't really like wine.
  6. I might have consumed too much red wine so his plan to go out to this new place called Punchbowl Social didn't happen.
  7. Giphy
  8. Okay I'm a little sorry.
  9. We ended up listening to music (he even let me play hip-hop,which except for a select few songs he generally dislikes) and I made him watch Heavyweights.
  10. It was a perfect night. 😍
  11. *Gushy details omitted so no one pukes