🎅Secret Santa! 🎅

  1. My secret Santa gift is finally here! Yes! My mail carriers are the least careful people of all time and I'm not surprised they broke the box.
  2. Okay so my secret Santa is from New York City. Hmmmm...
  3. Okay let's open this card up and see who my secret Santa is...
  4. It's @americson! She wrote me a sweet note inside this pretty card about all the stuff we have in common!
  5. Hmmm...
  6. I'm super good at following directions.
  7. Okay let's get opening!
  8. Tissue paper too? Must be fragile.
  9. How cute! Which badge do I earn?
  10. Look at these whimsical bears?!
  11. Omg! I wanted to read this! Yes!
  12. Candy! Candy! Candy! How did I not know they made king size Reese's Trees?!
  13. I am full of useless facts, now I can bother/amaze my boyfriend and friends with more "fun facts".
  14. Book for making lists of things on your mind and in your heart (and other stuff) The pages pop out and fold out and it's awesome!
  15. I waited until the end. I can follow instructions. Here's an explanation for each gift! Whoa what pretty handwriting!
  16. So many presents!
  17. Here's all the loot!
  18. Here's Frankie checking it all out.
  19. She really likes the cross stitch.
  20. Thank you so much @americson! I've never felt such kindness and Christmas spirit from an online friend before! I love all of the gifts and will likely be eating the candy shortly!
  21. Thank you @DawnCloud for setting this all up! You're making so many people happy!
  22. My heart is so happy!