2016 was a rough year but there were some good things too.
  1. Good: I met my amazing boyfriend
  2. Bad: Prince died
  3. Good: I got my teacher's license
  4. Bad: Donald Trump won the election
  5. Good: I found li.st and met all of you
  6. Bad: Alan Rickman died
  7. Good: My grandma beat cancer *knock on wood*
  8. Bad: Teddy Bridgewater's knee injury
  9. Good: Good new music
  10. Bad: Debbie Reynolds died
  11. Good: I got a new car
  12. Good: my best friend got engaged
  13. Good: new phone
  14. Good: I'm on less medication
  15. Good: I'm really happy. ❤😁
  16. Here's to 2017! I will fight for what is right and good in this country. I will try to be the love and light so many are in need of.