requested by @mnickwrites
  1. When I was your age I was married, had kids, and a house.
    Sorry but life is different now. We get married, have kids, and buy houses later for a number of reasons. For the most part though we are flat broke and have debt up to our eyeballs. Student loan debt has risen to never before seen levels. Millennials are having to post-pone major life milestones because of it.
  2. We are entitled.
    That may be true of some but for the most part we are asking for the same opportunities y'all had. Cost of living and debt levels have risen so much we don't have the same opportunities you had.
  3. We are lazy.
    While many of us still live at home with mom and dad it's not because we are lazy. Most of us are working between 2-4 jobs to pay our bills (student loans, cell phone, insurance, etc.) The cost of living coupled with debt and underemployment have doomed us with living with our parents forever.
  4. We are unprofessional.
    This may be true of some but most of us dress professionally everyday for work. We work in offices, civil service jobs, and small businesses. Most of us take almost no time off for ourselves. When we do we request it off and don't call in sick last minute. We give two weeks notice and request letters of recommendation because we recognize the importance of networking.
  5. We are narcissistic.
    I can't dispute the fact that a lot of us post a ridiculous number of selfies on social media. However, more of us volunteer and contribute to charity than any other generation. We pay it forward and help our neighbors.
  6. We are not our stereotype.
  7. If you don't like the way we act, y'all raised us so you should take at least some (roughly 70%) of the blame.
  8. We just want to do better for the next generation. Just like you wanted.
  9. Here's me sitting with $100,000 grand in debt. Working my butt off (2+ jobs), volunteering weekly, contributing to good causes, teaching kids, and trying to make a better tomorrow for us all.