The best things about being from Minnesota

Thanks for the list request @kiraandlulu
  1. You know the joy of experiencing all four seasons.
  2. The MN State Fair!!!
  3. You know the correct terms for items such as pop and hotdish.
  4. You've played super cool games like Duck, Duck, Gray Duck.
  5. For the most part Minnesota nice is a real thing. We take care and look after each other.
  6. The music scene is very big here. We have record labels like Rhymesayers and music venues like First Avenue. We obviously just lost our beloved Prince but we also claim Bob Dylan, The Replacements, Husker Du, Atmosphere, and Soul Asylum.
  7. The Mall of America.
  8. The lakes. Over 11,000 actually.
  9. The best accents. You bet'cha!
  10. The sports teams (Vikings, Wild, Twins, Lynx, Wolves, Swarm, United, and the Saints).
  11. Top notch local beer like Surly and Schells.