The Truth About Board Games

Inspired by @michael_circa91
  1. Life
    The spinner is sure to "break" at least 5 times during the game. Your car is probably going to tip over several times too.
  2. Monopoly
    Sure to leave everybody in a terrible mood. It's also very likely the board is going to get flipped.
  3. Mouse Trap
    Is most likely "broken" indefinitely because it takes for-ev-er to set up.
  4. Battleship
    Sure to cause you to go to the bathroom (and take a peek at your opponent's board).
  5. Operation
    I'm pretty sure no one has ever played this game by the rules. It just turns into you and your friends trying to remove the body parts without getting buzzed.
  6. Perfection
    Sure aggravate your anxiety issues and scare the crap out of you when it finally pops.
  7. Pay Day
    This game is too close to "real life" to be considered fun. It made players realize early on that the mail basically means bills, you're probably not going to win the lotto, and everything is taxed.
  8. Uno
    Not necessarily a board game but it's close enough. Through out the game you're likely to have all the cards or no cards all, there really is no in between.