My mom is baby crazy. Here are some of the things she is constantly telling me.
  1. Since I turned 20 my mom has been telling me she wants grandkids.
  2. She said she wanted grandkids by the time she was 50 (so by the time I was 23).
  3. I'm now 25 and still single and childless.
  4. Now my mom has ramped up the grandbaby crazy talk.
  5. I joked with her the other day about freezing my eggs. She took this to a. whole. nother. level. and said I should just get artificially inseminated.
  6. So she'd rather have me give her a grandbaby than move out on my own, find a husband, get a solid teaching job, or buy a house.
  7. This madness must stop!!!
  8. P.s. I don't feel pressure or anything.