90s Edition
  1. N*SYNC or BSB?
    BSB was my entire childhood. In 2013 I finally made it to their concert and it was just as amazing as I always pictured.
  2. Britney or Christina?
    Britney Spears was huge when I was a kid. My best friend and I would dance in my basement to her music for hours.
  3. Pokemon or Digimon?
    Pokemon duh. I still haven't forgiven my brother for releasing my best Pokémon before I beat the whole game. I had beaten all eight gyms and just needed to catch 'em all. (Pokemon Blue FYI)
  4. Sega or N64?
  5. Tomagatchi or Giga Pet?
    Giga Pet gave you better variety of animals to choose from. Either way I always lost mine and then my horse would be dead by the time I found it.