Times I Feel Eternally Embarrassed

  1. When I say the wrong thing
    Then I usually keep talking and make it worse. Then I replay it over and over in my head.
  2. When I miss a perfect chance for a comeback
  3. When I think some one is waving at me but they're not or I'm not sure whether I'm going to wave at someone or not
    Then you just pretend you were fixing your hair.
  4. When I keep trying to make a comment in a discussion but no one acknowledges it or laughs so I just keep repeating myself
  5. When I forget a word
    Those triangle potato things...aka hashbrowns. It's on the tip of my tongue...ummmmm...I'll tell you when I remember.
  6. When I fall or almost fall
    Nobody saw that,right?
  7. When I swear in front of or embarrass my grandparents
  8. When one of my students, campers, or day care kids is totally out of control in front of parents, the principal, or the general public