Inspired by @shanaz
  1. Did you get taller?
    Not true but flattering all the same.
  2. I can't believe you didn't cry during that Pixar movie!
  3. You're so funny!
  4. You should do comedy.
  5. You should write a book.
  6. You were right!
  7. You're a great friend.
  8. You totally get me!
  9. Let's go to Dairy Queen.
  10. Hi my name is Adele. Let's be best friends.
  11. Here's a free house.
  12. I paid off your student loans.
  13. You're hired!
  14. You're so smart!
  15. Can I make you some dinner?
  16. You're an old soul.
  17. You're my favorite teacher!
  18. Do you want some popcorn?
  19. You're dog is so pretty.
  20. You're so important to me.