Thanks @nathanveshecco for being my first request
  1. Snow on Christmas Morning (Underrated)
    There's something so magical about waking up to snow on Christmas morning. It reawakens in me the same feelings I had as a child when I woke up to gifts from Santa.
  2. Gwen Stefani (Underrated)
    Gwen Stefani is a punk/ska pioneer. One of the great female role models of the nineties, she inspired girls everywhere to be themselves and be strong women.
  3. Online Dating (Overrated)
    Online dating has become the norm. More people meet online than any other source. That said more availability and options isn't always better. The number of suitors you have to comb through to find the one can be time consuming and defeating.
  4. Bob Marley (Underrated)
    Bob Marley is a reggae pioneer. He is who immediately comes to mind when you think of reggae. He is an icon, whose lyrics are powerful and somewhat misunderstood.
  5. Writing Letters (Underrated)
    There really is nothing like receiving mail. Anything other than bills bring a smile to my face. Letters are an old school form of communication but one I still utilize to keep in touch with some of my long distance friends. It is a great way to have a full conversation without having to worry about time restraints or lengthy texts.