1. We are entirely dependent on electricity.
  2. We are not prepared. None of our "on the go" phone chargers had been charged, we don't have a battery operated "emergency" radio, and we have a small number of flashlights. We are basically screwed if there's a real emergency.
  3. As it got closer to "bedtime" our phones had almost no charge and they are the one method of communication and our alarm clocks (since our table top alarm clocks obviously weren't working).
  4. I drove around for about twenty minutes to charge my phone.
  5. We don't even really have food to eat in a real emergency. We had to eat a frozen pizza cooked on the grill. It wasn't too bad actually.
  6. I chose a really bad time to wash my comforter. I started washing it about 10 minutes before the power went out.
  7. We ended up watching Inside Out on the one charged laptop but that still didn't kill enough time.
  8. When you can't do something it is the one thing you really want to do.
  9. Thankfully the power was restored around 9:30 this morning.
  10. Giphy