1. Build a snow fort. Declare war on your neighbors. Pen a war memoir inspired by "The Things They Carried".
  2. Mount a low budget production of "Frozen" in your front lawn. Utilize Aristotle's six characteristics of a tragedy as your guide.
  3. Form a bobsled team with your siblings. Write a research paper on the development of bobsledding as a sport. Use MLA citations.
  4. Create a field of snow angels approximately the size of Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Explain how the snow angels function as an ekphrasis reminiscent of Achilles' shield in "The Iliad".
  5. Sleep in. Then analyze your dreams in light of the dream symbolism in Dostoevky's "Crime and Punishment".
  6. Go sledding. Loudly recite a soliloquy from "Hamlet" as you descend. When others ask what you're doing, simple reply "Words, words, words" and start mumbling something about accidentally stabbing your girlfriend's father thru a curtain.
  7. Watch Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz's weather reports. Diagram each sentence, correct the grammar, and E-Mail the results to NBC 10.