1. Should have bought a shovel
  2. Maybe I can shovel my car out with this ice scraper
  3. The neighbors are probably laughing at the girl digging her car out with a ice scraper
  4. If anyone asks, I'm going to say my shovel broke. This will earn me sympathy and I won't look like such an unprepared dork
  5. Hey, this ice scraper is actually not a half bad shovel
  6. (((Stares at broken ice scraper))) Spoke too soon
  7. Maybe I can just kick the snow out of the way
  8. La la la! Just kicking the snow out of the way. Nothing to see here.
  9. If I just keep smiling, my neighbors will think I'm enjoying this. Maybe I'll convince them that kicking snow is a legitimate snow removal method.
  10. I can't feel my legs.
  11. What if I push the snow away with my hands?
  12. Be gone, snow! I banish thee!
  13. Snow in my gloves! SNOW IN MY GLOVES!
  14. Maybe I can just back my car out over the snow. Yeah, that's the ticket!
  15. Thank you, Low Traction Warning Light. I had no idea.
  16. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
  17. Don't hit the car next to you! Don't hit the car next to you!
  18. AND I'M FREE!
  19. Who needs a shovel? Shovels are for chumps!
  20. But seriously, why don't I own a shovel?