Adventures of a Pseudo-Mum: Day Four

A photo diary: Aunt Jess, the Pseudo-Mum. While my cousin is taking a well deserved break in Santorini with the rest of her family, I am in possession of her 3 minis for 5 days.
  1. Waking to "Aunty Jess, Aunty Jess".. cuddles with my little guy and his wet nappy. The things you do for an extra 30 minutes sleep.
  2. "Pew Pew" .. the thanks I get for changing his nappy!
    Pew pew is the sound of him shooting me. The three y.o has no idea how politically incorrect he's being!
  3. first things first.. #ausvotes! Let's pray we don't add to the insanity in the world and our Coalition can continue to stabilise our great nation.
    ...also in all things remarkably Australian, our #ausvotes emoji was a sausage in a sandwich (sausage sizzle)! So Aussie!
  4. lunch on the beach.. bless, it was such a beautiful day.
    These kids eat so much (quantity and variety!) Thank goodness I packed a feast!
  5. *movie time - Finding Dory* ..and a nod from me for the incredible work of Pixar. What Disney/Pixar lack in scientific specifics*, they surely make up for in conveying child-play and emotion in their animation.
    * I was watching the scenes with Destiny the Whale Shark and thinking about @Veronique's list!
  6. when your little star skates in a one inch heel! She's like the mini Carrie Bradshaw of the skate-park! Love her!
  7. this little guy refuses to day-sleep.. and I wasn't giving in today. No siree! We went for a little drive and enjoyed some lullaby version of Mr @john Mayer. Voila!
  8. Spoons in! Choc-Mint for my mint little minis! It's been a crazy beautiful week. I'm sure there will still be meltdowns on day five, yet in the mean time... ice cream!
  9. Every mumma needs her down-time.. even the fake ones! Whilst the minis played on the rocks and checked the rock pools, I enjoyed the setting sun. A much needed recharge.
  10. We all enjoyed a dinner at the table, sharing in stories and laughter like a beautiful little fake family! Except we *are* family.. and these little minis make me so proud to be their cousin, 'Aunty' and Pseudo-Mumma.
  11. ...and now, we are sitting on the lounge watching a movie whilst the eldest does her mathletics! Good night, Day Four!
    Real Mumma in in-flight on her way home.. see you soon!