Books That Shaped Me, Chronologically

  1. the Agent Arthur series
    I wasn't much of a reader as a kid/teen (which is ironic bc my mum was/is), yet I loved a good choose your own adventure. I feel like the AA books really nurtured my curiosity.
  2. Jane Eyre
    The first classic I read (and I'm ashamed to say, as a young adult). I had felt something for Jane; maybe akin to her in some way. Reading Jane Eyre actually sparked my love of reading. This is the copy I own, isn't it pretty?
  3. Cunt
    I can't recall now how this came to be in my possession. Yet this book has been pivotal for my self love. I've always maintained a healthy body image, relationship with men etc, yet this book taught me to celebrate my period and being gloriously woman. (I delighted reading this on the train!)
  4. A New Earth
    I was given this book by my then manager, so I could check in with my ego and how I communicate. Seems a bit rough, but it was the best gift she could have (and has) ever given me. It set me on my path. It's not an easy read and ET could have summed this up in a journal article, yet none the less, pivotal. Yes, she (my then manager) and I remain best of friends!
  5. The Happiness Advantage
    I received this book as a leadership aide at lululemon. I read it in two sittings (whilst on vacay) and on the spot chose Psychology as my career. So yeah, this one has had a major impact on me. I innately prescribe to this philosophy, so it was already in me and raring to go. I will forever be grateful to lululemon on so many levels.
  6. Atlas Shrugged + The Fountainhead
    These two captured me. I can't say that I'm an Objectivist purist, yet I found myself agreeing with much of Rand's fictional (pro-Objectivist) characters. I am coming into a phase of driving my personal achievements like no other time in my life, so in that, these two have definitely impacted me.