This tip is brought to you by the knowledge passed on from the ever resourceful food King, Jamie Oliver.. who I wish was on here!
  1. Prepare your zip-lock bags with the contents and the date
    Crucial to do this before you put the food in! I speak from experience!
  2. Fill the bags with an appropriate amount of food, i.e., don't fill the bag up, just put in what you'll eat! Get as much air out as you can before sealing the bag up.
    I prepped some curries for my quick-dinners, but this process works well for most curries, stews, rice and maybe pasta (can't see why not!)
  3. Lay your newly bagged left-overs/pre-prepped meals flat...
  4. ...and pop in the freezer!
    Seeing this photo reminds me that my freezer needs a clean out!
  5. Done!! You now have easy-to-defrost meals for nights you'd rather have take-away!
  6. Liquids! Same process, except to get as much air out you need to sit the bag up and squeeze the air out as pictured.. be careful!
    All pictures are mine! Taken purely for this list and my future life saving left-overs!
  7. ...and this is a bag of super yummy pulled beef gravy with virtually no air bubbles!
    Pro! 💁🏻
  8. Time to eat!! Defrost your bags of left-overs under warm/hot water.
    I usually let them defrost whilst I take a shower.
  9. Instead of a juicy Macca's burger/fries/nuggets after that long day at Uni.. enjoy that curry you made on Sunday instead (for less time and $!)
  10. 💜+🍛