Requested by Jocelyn

my yoga poses from the last few days..

..and for the next few! Those on my insta know I'm doing a 14 day yoga challenge, with all credit due to our resident yoga instructor @LeahG. These are my poses from the challenge. [i heart yoga] #ohmwithus || thanks for the request @jpbateson (I changed your title to something less narcissistic!)
  1. Day One: Easy Seated. I missed it.
  2. Day Two: Cobra
  3. Day Three: Warrior I
  4. Day Four: Low Lunge
  5. Day Five: Side Plank
  6. Day Six: Monkey (aka splits)
    I have mega tight hamstrings so I use a block to assist
  7. Day Seven: Triangle
  8. Day Eight: Half Moon
    Not posture perfect, my hips need to be stacked .. that's why it's called 'practice'!
  9. Day Nine: Crow
  10. Day Ten: Headstand
    my 'pop up' was assisted by the wall, however after that was all me! Oh, headstand!
  11. Day Eleven: Lizard
    Photobomb courtesy of my sister. Post lunch yoga-play.
  12. Day Twelve: King Dancer
    The full expression of this pose is stunning. This is what my body cavn manage, which I'm totally cool with. I feel so femme in this posture.
  13. Day Thirteen: King Pigeon.
    This is actually the best I've been in this posture. Maybe I wasn't overthinking it because I was engrossed in a Black Mirror ep. (S3-the augmented horror reality one)
  14. Day Fourteen: Legs Up Wall
    Last one!.. and my oh my it's a delicious pose. I'm still in it as I do check my socials and write this post! Ok! Coffee time ✌🏼️