Ovation Of The Seas Is In Port

  1. Coming home from picking up my nephew, we see this massive ship in port.
  2. It's the Ovation of the Seas and it's one of the world's largest passenger ships.
  3. We're off to find the best vantage point to see the beast of a ship!
  4. Obligatory nephew and dog with ship photo
  5. I feel like we can get closer than this 'close up' shot
  6. Fun facts: this thing has all the usual bells and cruise ship whistles as well as a wave pool, iFly (indoor skydiving) and some viewing pod thing that extends from the top of the ship for a 360• view.
  7. We're getting closer!
  8. Damn! No parkour? We may as well go home!
  9. is it offensive to suggest that I thought it would be wider?!
  10. too close, too close!
  11. she, ok, I've genderfied it.. is beautiful.
  12. wowee - she's a big ship!. that's it, she's off to Sydney tonight.