Rejected Selfies. The Ones That Never Made It Online!

Be warned: Jess overload. Look, there were more but I can't be certain if I posted them somewhere online and let's face it, this is quite enough already!
  1. I sent this to a friend. Never posted it. Considered it as a profile pic at one point.
  2. Yep, I was buzzed when I took this. Not sure who or what it was for now. It was on Valentine's Day though. I remember that much. I might have been dancing.
  3. pretty certain I never added this to my run journal... I don't sweat pretty like those insta models do!! I think this was for @jpbateson - lucky Joce!
    I ran my best time though!!
  4. This was def sent to @jpbateson and I was ranting about my hair being too oily at the roots but having a nice curl - hair crisis!
  5. Took this backstage at the last art auction I worked at...wasn't really feeling it after the show so I never posted it.
  6. Was going to suggest this for a list but suggested something else instead.
    Selfie-on-the-go! Running for the bus.
  7. Took this today to tell @jpbateson how much researching was kicking me in the butt and then decided not to send it.
  8. just found this one!...which I have a distinct recollection of not posting because it would be 'too much' (just had my hair done), but now I can't recall if I posted it on my snap story.
    I know I sent it to a friend, but I don't think it went online and if so, not more than 24 hours!