Vibing On My Insta.. A Few Fave Moments From the Year.

File this under 'Jess Nostalgia'..
  1. a new art installation down the road from my place.
  2. ahhh, those summer days got me like 😍, this is how I'll be spending NYE 2016-17 *beyond excited*
  3. standard issue.
    Also, this was a strategic move bc I drank 5 too many martinis that night.
  4. the love I have for this child is beyond words.. my nephew is ace.
  5. To me, happiness is cold cuts and fries.
    Reuben, my lover.
  6. so much laughter shared with this beauty. I miss her so much.
    we are literally burning our butts in this photo, hence the, umm, laughter!
  7. a rare moment of photographic compliance from Missy.
  8. my love of bubble wrap became all to real with this life-size roll.
  9. skip the fairy bread and apply the hundreds and thousands directly to your tongue.
  10. waking to this was dramatic.. and memorable.