Words That Found Me At The Right Time

Alt title: Right Place, Right Time
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    this one found me when I was feeling less than happy and was a nice reminder to get back to my optimistic ways.
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    Classic Cleo pulling at my heartstrings. It's funny, I saw this the other day and thought I needed it then. Seeing it again in this very moment has me to my knees.
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    these words found me a few minutes before I started this list. I'm treating this as an affirmation because I need to start believing this. So much soul work to do. Do I armor up or strip down?
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    first: thank you again @jpbateson. second: I have known this viscerally for a long time now, and it is scary af...and hearing these words today are even scarier. universe: I'm hearing you.
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    thank you random 'grammer for liking my post and introducing me to yours. This quote is precisely the encouragement I needed. Much more to learn about Ms Ulrich in the morn. Until then, I'll close my eyes on this.
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    toilet graffiti at its finest. A nice reminder.
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    then @gabimoskowitz gone post this and you're like gahhhh, today is all about the love..the silent love. #epiphany βœ¨πŸ’›
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    Really needed this little 'fuck yeah' reminder. In my heart and mind I am one wild and free little beastette and I sometimes let 'the man get me down'. Not today! Wild and free af.
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    What a stunner of a way to start my Sunday. I have been scared (of outcomes) lately. Maybe scared isn't precisely the right word, yet it's close enough. Also, side note, ladies! Do yourself a favour and fall in lo.. I mean follow thebettermanproject on insta.
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    the timing of this is beyond ridiculous. Love you, Universe x
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    Honestly, is Cleo a sage? She always scribes the right things. This. Entirely this. This is my one wish. This is all.
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    "take time for your self" ... I look next to me and the lady next to me was reading this book and those words jumped at me. It's such a theme at the moment and I consider this a timely reminder.
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    A little classic Cleo to start the day. When you weren't paying attention, I grew. And I'll keep growing. And here we are. My heart is so in this piece of text.
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    "Go all out. The difference between mediocrity and excellence is enthusiasm". Well. I have enthusiasm! I smiled when I saw this. I'm glad it reached me.
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    when your best friend, who you trust with your soul, post these words. I have never felt words so viscerally.
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    I most certainly need to get better at this. Definitely found me at the right time.
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    "follow the coincidences" ... holy shit @LeahG! This is so much of what I am doing lately. Blindly, it feels. Yet, boldly. This is so perfect. (PS: I love leahyogini.com blog πŸ˜‰)
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    Hey! I learned that this 'summer' too! Loved seeing this lesson in words (by @sherbz via li.st IG)
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    These words. Right time. ✨
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    taken from @nikkilounoel's list and is just the kind of "you're doing it right, kid" life validation I needed to see ☺️ #thisishowido
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    this one arrived a few days later, yet it is still very much my work... I think the secret to synthesizing success will be in truly believing I am worthy of whatever it is I define as that. Two roadblocks: defining it, believing it. Always in the work.