Words That Found Me At The Right Time

Alt title: Right Place, Right Time
  1. this one found me when I was feeling less than happy and was a nice reminder to get back to my optimistic ways.
  2. Classic Cleo pulling at my heartstrings. It's funny, I saw this the other day and thought I needed it then. Seeing it again in this very moment has me to my knees.
  3. these words found me a few minutes before I started this list. I'm treating this as an affirmation because I need to start believing this. So much soul work to do. Do I armor up or strip down?
  4. first: thank you again @jpbateson. second: I have known this viscerally for a long time now, and it is scary af...and hearing these words today are even scarier. universe: I'm hearing you.
  5. thank you random 'grammer for liking my post and introducing me to yours. This quote is precisely the encouragement I needed. Much more to learn about Ms Ulrich in the morn. Until then, I'll close my eyes on this.
  6. toilet graffiti at its finest. A nice reminder.
  7. then @gabimoskowitz gone post this and you're like gahhhh, today is all about the love..the silent love. #epiphany ✨💛
  8. bless.