Just a random list of random things that are my favorite.
  1. Color: purple
    Not much to say about it. It's just a super pretty color and I love it.
  2. Food: Mexican
    Not Taco Bell Mexican. I'm talking good, authentic, and homemade Mexican. Luckily for me I'm half Mexican and can get this delicious food whenever I want.
  3. Drink: Dr. Pepper
    Such a delicious soda that I don't drink anymore because it's horrible for me and everyone. But it will always be my favorite drink.
  4. Movie: A League of Their Own
    Come on. Such a classic movie. If you haven't seen it, block out some time on your schedule and get on that shit. So good.
  5. Actress: @msalisonpill
    She's incredible. For me, it's a recent discovery after watching The Family, but I know have a small obsession. The talent this woman has is unbelievable and in my honest opinion super underrated. She's a total chameleon and if you're unfamiliar with her and her work I suggest becoming familiar real quick. You won't be sorry.
  6. Singer: Demi Lovato
    Another incredible artist that just doesn't get the props deserved. Her voice is a powerhouse. I've been a fan for 8 years and she's just now getting some of the recognition she deserves.
  7. Song: Torn
    This was my first favorite song ever. I remember being a young girl and memorizing the whole song and watching the music video and just being in love with it. It still is my favorite song after what? 18 years or so?