I was a pretty creative kid and my mom was an ace with a sewing machine. I still try to be creative and/or topical but I usually procrastinate. *Will seek out photos for those line items missing them.
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    Oscar the Grouch
    I've seen pictures of me as a toddler in a plastic Oscar mask with a plastic-y smock that looked like his trash can. In these pictures my face is also painted to look like a clown, so I'm guessing the clown had to be a mom costume fail and I must have had a tantrum until I could be Oscar. What does all of this day about me as a child? 😕
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    My mom made the most beautiful dress for me. Lace and beading. I wish I could find pictures.
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    Marie Antoinette
    I was in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Like WTH kid. ESPECIALLY because it was BEHEADED Marie Antoinette. We dyed cheese cloth black and I wore that over my head and we decorated one of those foam wig store heads to look like Marie. It was so awesome and so weird/morbid for a 4th grader. My mom is excellent and I appreciate her being an accomplice to my creativity rather than trying to stifle it. She maybe should have stifled it for the school Halloween parade. I did go ok to major in History.
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    Half Man Half Woman
    Either late elementary school or early middle school. Mom and I went to the thrift shop to pick out a dress and a men's shirt and slacks. She expertly deconstructed everything, basically split the items down the middle, and sewed them back up so it was a half dress, half suit. She swept all my hair to the lady side, did some traditional lady makeup to half my face and drew a mustache on the fella side of my face. Still the best accomplish to my creativity. Thanks mom 💜
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    For like 6 years. I loved (um still love, forever and always) Buffy and wouldn't take phone calls when it was on. I'm old enough that I had to watch shows when they aired or I had to record them on my VCR and watch them on videotape later. 📼 I might as well be a grandma but thank you emojis for having a videotape emoji! 👵🏻🙌🏽 Buffy was easy to do for someone now too cool (but not even close) to put too much effort in. I made sweet props though, so minimal effort. BtVS💚
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    Freshman or sophomore year of college. It was easy, I was lazy, and I think I already had everything I'd needed down to an arm's length of gold bangles.
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    This was peak Brit Brit and K Fed back when I was in college. They'd just had their first baby and my friend Annie and I thought it was the best/funniest idea. It still makes me laugh so hard. I would just randomly shout "popozao!" all night. Does anyone remember that?
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    I bought this beautiful vintage dress off eBay for a 1920s party my fashion magazine internship was throwing. I had that dress for several years and probably got a good two or three Halloweens out of it due to laziness/procrastination. I also wore a lovely peacock feather facinator that it's too dark to see in this image. Ignore the ex as a gangster to my flapper.
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    School Girl
    Ugh. I know. The laziest of all. I was invited to a same day party a few years ago and had zero costume options ready to go. I owned a short plaid skirt, white button down, and knee high socks. It was fine. I kept getting hit on by some girl there despite having shown up with my then boyfriend. Get it girl. Not a costume I want to repeat only because I find it so lazy.
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    My then boyfriend was super into Pokemon (red flag!) and so we dressed up as characters from that. I love and still have that yellow dress. It's a beautiful eyelet lace skirt and has pockets. Winner!
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    Veruca Salt
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    From Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The Gene Wilder one, not the Johnny Depp one. I bought a thrift store dress and sewed on cuffs, a Peter Pan collar, and buttons. I bought s gold wristlet and wrote "Golden Ticket" on it. Disappointingly, people thought I was Orphan Annie despite the lack of red curly hair. Once j stomped around declaring "I WANT IT NOW!" In my best Veruca voice, people got it. My fail, but I loved it anyway.
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    I have no idea what to do this year!