Friday night I dined at Hearth in NYC and it was amazing. Six courses of out of this world food.
  1. Curry carrot soup
    No picture, but it was a complimentary shooter
  2. Fava bean salad
    with pecorino toscano and spring onion on grilled bread.
  3. Garlic bread
    Not part of the 6 course tasting, but a great add-on to soak up broths and sauces
  4. Shaved radishes
    with giardiniera in buttermilk
  5. Braised cod
    with calamari and spring veg
  6. House made gemelli
    with snow peas, snap peas, Parmesan, lemon, and pea shoots
  7. Roasted spring lamb
    with mustard greens, snow peas, and couscous
  8. Apple cider donut
    with whipped cream
  9. What I want to go back to try:
    Variety Burger - brisket, chuck, heart, liver burger with caramelized onions, fontina, sweet potato fries. Omg.