I have a TV with which to watch these on this desert island? Or wifi to stream them on my phone? Why don't I just call or text someone, in that case of having wifi, to rescue me? I'm such a killjoy.
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Super cheesy often times but this will always and forever be my favorite show. I absolutely credit it as a strong female role model in my life and I thank Sarah and Joss for that. There was love, there was friendship, there was navigating adolescence. I still cry when *spoiler alert* Buffy drives the sword through Angel, when Buffy discovers Joyce's body, when Buffy jumps into the hell portal, and when Spike saves the world. It's my number 1 for life.
  2. Arrested Development
    It's so ridiculous and so smart. It builds on itself perfectly and is the ideal of self-referential comedy. It hardly ages because of it. It's so quotable and I could binge watch it on repeat. There's always money in the banana stand.
  3. The Walking Dead
    I considered several shows for the third slot. This, for me, has staying power. It's timeless - what month, day, year is it? - and there are enough seasons to keep you occupied for a while. I've rewatched it from the beginning before, so I know it would keep me company from episode one on this powered for TV desert island.