The following topics should never be brought up around me. Once they are, I will not shut up about them.
  1. "Useless" Movie Trivia
    I do not believe there is such a thing, but really, I could go on about movies forever.
  2. Reasons Why Leonardo DiCaprio is in Love With Kate Winslet
    Probably one of the topics I am most passionate about. Not ashamed to admit that I have a folder of evidence on my desktop, comprised of facts as well as quotes supporting this argument. Important to note that none of the reasons I will provide have anything to do with Titanic.
  3. Scientology
    I am pretty much as close as you can get to knowing everything about Scientology without actually being a Scientologist. I could explain the whole thing to you, but it'll take a long time and I'll sound like a nut. Just your average Scientology enthusiast.
  4. Why Massachusetts is Superior to All Other States
    On this topic, I will be biased as well as borderline rude. But, the list is truly endless. Will consider making a list about this topic.
  5. Celebrity Relations
    This includes but is not limited to: celeb net worth, celeb godparents, celebs that used to date, celebs that are friends, celebs that hate each other, celebs that knew each other before they were celebs
  6. Why Ottomans are Useful Pieces of Furniture
    Huge fan of the Storage Ottoman. Have been known to present a lengthy list of reasons why when pressed.
  7. Reasons Why Urban Outfitters is The Worst
    Not gonna get into it, but seriously, why do people STILL shop there??