Loosely inspired by my queen, @alligeeshow, about my short absence.
  1. Summer is no time for listing
    Too many playgrounds, pools, zoos, beaches and ice cream cones to conquer!
    Actually, I can. He is one smooth son of a gun. But kicking off Luke after hometowns?! I thought he was a final 2 contender for sure. It just goes to show that you never know where the journey for love will take you.
  3. Maybe God gives us little sisters to teach us grace and patience
    Because good glory, my baby sis is trying mine. Every single day I have to remember that there are plenty of self-destructive patterns that I've clung to, and often still cling to, and to just shut up and hang in there with her.
  4. How is "clung" a real word?!
  5. Living with your parents sucks
    Especially when they are so kind and generous and want you to never move out because they love your son so much and YOU JUST WANT OUT.
  6. Buying a car sucks even more
    We just want a gorgeous, immaculate, used, affordable Ford Edge. I mean, why is that so impossible?! Wading through the bullshit and the beautifully detailed crap-mobiles is a full time job.
  7. Vegas was awesomeee
    List on that, coming ASAP.
  8. Reading Between The World And Me is changing my life
    Okay, I haven't finished it yet so maybe that's an exaggeration but I feel like what it means to be black in America has never been explained to me quite like this (though perhaps not for lack of trying) and it's changing how I think about everything.
    My husband and I are purchasing our home through Habitat for Humanity, have I ever told you guys that? We've been a partner family for about 15 months and they originally told us we'd break ground in January (2016) and we may not actually break ground until as late as spring 2017. Our lives (because of HFH-imposed income limits, trying to save before we have a mortgage, etc) have already been on hold for a year and it's all so disheartening.
  10. Edit: also, Stranger Things is slowly killing me.
    Between Winona Ryder fighting to find her son and the entire plot line of Eleven, watching it is tearing my mama heart to shreds.
  11. Being a grownup isn't exactly what I thought it would be like
    Just in case you needed some clarity on thoughts #5, #6 and #9. Even as my priorities and passions become more focused and clear, everything else just gets more complicated. Life, man. Life.