We all have those moments when we think that because it looks good on a movie star, it will obviously do the same for us, right?!
  1. Parent-Trap-era Hayley Mills
    The LL version didn't come out until I was almost 12 and I loved the Parent Trap growing up. I tried to get this haircut when I was about 10 and thank goodness my mom lovingly talked me out of it. It would not have done my prepubescent chubby cheeks any favors.
  2. Marcia Brady
    Okay but this one is self-explanatory right? What girl growing up on re-runs hasn't had at least one moment in time where she wanted to be Marcia Brady?! She's like a real life Barbie with that silky straight blonde hair. This one mostly amounted to wistful thinking, my hair was never coming close.
  3. Parent-Trap-era Lindsay Lohan
    I guess I have a Parent Trap obsession that I'm just now noticing. It will require a different list to dig into the psychological implications of that. This one pretty much only entailed asking for a denim jacket for Christmas and cutting that one strand of short hair in the front, like a permanent prom up-do. Except in my case it quickly submerged back into the frizzy mass that was my hair.
  4. Meg Ryan
    You've Got Mail was and is my favorite movie. Unfortunately, nothing about that short hair cut, khakis and sweater sets is really going to work for a 15 year old girl from Jersey. But since I didn't have the income to invest in any of those things and the urge for a Meg makeover quickly passed, no harm done. I commend myself for this brief moment of wisdom.
  5. Julia Roberts
    So again, I think the Julia Roberts part is pretty self-explanatory, she is America's sweetheart after all. I attempted this off and on in college after I'd learned how to tame my curls but then I'd set them free again. The problem is that this is not an inherently good hairstyle. I mean, her hair is three times as big as her face! I do thank Julia because this is when I realized my limitations. You just have to be Julia Roberts and have a heart and laugh as big as your hair to make it work.