1. I didn't know her well and we didn't always agree,
  2. But we've both been here since the (10/15) beginning and I've never known li.st without her.
  3. I wish I had known more of her pain and her process and that I could have supported and loved her more and I just want you all to know,
  4. That for the little bit of @biz i knew, I loved and treasured her
  5. And I love and treasure each of you.
  6. I'm just another small voice in this enormous darkness but I'm here.
  7. Please reach out, please don't be alone.
  8. Love & hugs & warm thoughts to each of you.
  9. I know this doesn't mean much to everyone but I'm praying for our little community today.
  10. ❤️❤️❤️❤️