1. Shout out to all my li.st mamas who gave me all your love & support in this trying time.
  2. Hallelujah!
    But first, here are all the places it wasn't:
  3. It wasn't in any of my dresser drawers
  4. It wasn't inside any of my boots or sneakers
  5. It wasn't in our bedroom closet
  6. It wasn't in the cabinet under the bathroom sink
  7. It wasn't in any trash cans or clothes hampers or laundry baskets
  8. It wasn't under or in any piece of upholstered furniture
  9. It wasn't in the car
    Including the trunk and the stroller in the trunk
  10. It wasn't in any stroller for that matter
  11. It was HERE.
    Tossed in some random corner of storage in the basement and I'm super annoyed I didn't think to look there yesterday.
  12. Now I'll need to devise a clever plan to make sure this never happens again
  13. But first, a celebration!
  14. Giphy
  15. Giphy
  16. Giphy
  17. Giphy
  18. Giphy
  19. Giphy
  20. Giphy
  21. Giphy
  22. Okay well now I've just decided I'm going to finish this celebration by putting Sir Chucks-a-Bus-a-Lot down for a nap and watching a Cary Grant movie.
  23. And cracking open a cold one of these:
  24. Please don't hate me for how glamorous my life is.
    The game chose me.