1. Candle Fabric Tie Tie-er
    I know because I've already done it. My mom and I used to take the fabric home from a local candle store and tie the ties on pieces of PVC pipes while we watched movies and we got paid per tie. Totally enjoyed it.
  2. Organizer of Any Kind
    (This shows up repeatedly.) It's the lowest on the list because I have trouble believing it would be mundane at all, it sounds AMAZING.
  3. Professional Spell Checker
    Or fact checker. But I'm enough of a nerd that fact checking sounds exciting and not mundane enough. The idea of proofreading all day and finding grammatical errors sounds mundane, but somehow still thrilling. Again, super nerd.
  4. Target Employee Who Takes the Cart of Stuff and Puts It All Away
    You know, like all the returns and items people leave at the registers. It's like shopping in reverse and I love organizing in a way that putting stuff in their proper place is deeply satisfying to me.
  5. Library Employee Who Takes Cart of Books and Puts Them Away
    Pretty much the same as Target. Except I picture it like when Rory works at the book store and the stack of books she's decided to buy is larger than the one she's inventoried. (Also, super weird that I gave books a personal pronoun, right? Not gonna change it though, it feels right.)
  6. Package Packer
    I don't know the correct lingo. And not for some big box chain (although if I got to use forklifts and robots, maybe?) but some adorable little boutique because I think it would feel like shopping and I love mailing stuff. Attention small businesses: I think I would do this for free as a hobby.
  7. Truck Driver
    I know I've over-romanticized it but I love driving and I love driving alone and being on the road all day with coffee & NPR just sounds awesome. And maybe a dog. My cousin drives trucks and he'd always call on the road in Arizona or Utah (granted: because he was BORED) and I'd love to see the US that way.